"They are being given the tools needed to combat the forces that would rob them of their true identity as noble beings... "

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program is organized around the concept of a junior youth group.



Junior youth groups meet once a week, though sometimes more, typically over a three year period and study materials that have been specifically developed for ages between eleven and fifteen. 

Studying occupies only a portion of the time the junior youth spend together. During the rest of the time, groups consult on and plan service projects, participate in sports, and engage in cultural activities, such as drama and crafts, suited to their immediate surroundings. 

In addition to these weekly meetings, groups attend special events and undertake acts of service to the community.


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The group offers a space in which the junior youth can develop patterns of thought and behavior that will characterize them throughout their lives and understand the world around them.

The atmosphere of these groups strives to be joyous and friendly where the junior youth can enhance those qualities and attributes that a life of service to humanity requires. In such a setting, the members of the group, free from the fear of criticism or ridicule, can express their thoughts on complex questions.

They learn to listen, to speak, to reflect, to analyze, to make decisions, and to act on them.


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